Lesson 1: The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Goals: To learn and memorize the “A” minor pentatonic scale with correct fingerings.

The easiest way to memorize this scale is to memorize which fingers are used on each string. You will either use fingers one and four, or one and three. For example: string six = one and four. Finger one will always play fret five notes, finger four will always play fret eight notes, and finger three will always play fret seven notes.

Left Hand Finger Numbers: Index = One, Middle = Two, Ring = Three, and Pinky = Four.


  1. Play the scale starting on string six, fret five. Be sure to play the notes in the correct order, e.g. String Six: 1-4, String Five: 1-3, String Four: 1-3, String Three: 1-3, String Two: 1-4, String One: 1-4. (See video to see and hear the correct order.)
  2. Practice scale until it can be played from memory.
  3. Play the scale in reverse, starting on string one, finger four. Practice until memorized.
  4. Play scale along with the “A Blues” backing track.
A Blues Backing Track
A Minor Blues Backing Track
A Blues Backing Track