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Play Classic Rock in 7 Days

Interested in learning the basics of rock guitar? This course will teach you classic guitar riffs, the twelve bar blues form, power chords, and how to use Drop D tuning to create a heavy rock sound. By the end of the course, you'll be able to play three impressive rock songs.

Fretboard Identification

Mastering the notes on the fretboard can be overwhelming. Learn a proven system to master the fretboard with minimal memorization, so you’ll be able to quickly identify any note on the guitar and form chords faster than before.

Beginning Improvisation

Learn the basics of guitar improvisation. In this course, you’ll learn the most important scale for guitar improvising, how to use it to create blues and rock solos, and the two most common twelve-bar blues forms.

Play Guitar in 7 Days – Chords

Learn the “quick change” chords that will get you switching between chords quickly and easily. Also learn strumming patterns, chord progressions, and chord substitutions to improve your song playing.

Play Guitar in 7 Days – Melody

Learn to play and read melodies on the guitar using standard notation. Additional topics include rhythms, phrasing, and the major scale. Includes over 25 exercises and songs with written explanations and music.

Learn Fingerstyle in 7 Days

Get started with fingerstyle guitar. This advanced-beginner to intermediate course covers chordal accompaniment, melody, harmony, and bass lines specifically for fingerstyle. Includes over 25 fingerstyle songs and exercises.

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